Kick Off Administrative Professionals Week With A 2-Day Deal From Isaac’s!

Sandwich and SecretariesDidjaknow that Administrative Professionals Week got it’s start back in 1952?  Back then it was called National Secretaries Week.  And it was actually celebrated in June…that got changed to the last full week in April starting in 1955.  Then it went through 2 name changes…the 1st was Professional Secretaries Week in 1981 and finally in 2000 it was changed to Administrative Professionals Week.

Don't Skip LunchWith more than 4.1 million Administrative Assistants in the U.S., Administrative Professionals Week is celebrated all across the country and provides the opportunity for employers to show appreciation for all the hard work their administrative staffs do with flowers, candy and gift cards.  But I think the luckiest Administrative Professionals are those who get treated to Isaac’s!

If you’re an employer reading this, then you’re going to want to click HERE to check out the deals on our website for Administrative Professionals Week, including a BOGOF with Beverage Purchase valid for Monday & Tuesday (4/21 & 4/22) and a catering coupon valid all week long.

If you’re an administrative professional reading this, print out the coupons on our website and slide them in with paperwork on your boss’s desk…a little hint never hurts!  You deserve a perfect Administrative Professionals Week…kick it off with Isaac’s!Thumbs Up To Isaac's

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Thank You For Helping Isaac’s Donate 975 Gallons Of Soup!

Get Soup! Give Soup! CampaignIsaac’s “Get Soup! Give Soup!” campaign wrapped up last month and we are happy to announce that were able to donate 975 gallons of our wonderful made-from-scratch soup to people in need all across South Central Pennsylvania…and it was all because of YOU!

Soup-PicFor every 100 cups of soup customers purchased during January and February, we donated a gallon soup to local soup kitchens and shelters.  With all the snow and cold temperatures we had during those months, those 975 gallons of soup were greatly appreciated!

And the giving isn’t over yet…many of our locations connected with new organizations that our employees want to volunteer with.  EmployeesFor every hour an Isaac’s employee volunteers, $3 is donated to the organization they were volunteering for!  We also have Community Night Fundraisers scheduled for some of the organizations we helped, too!  How cool is that!?

Stay tuned for even more wonderful news about our volunteering and fundraising efforts and again, thank you for helping us help those in need!Isaac's Volunteering At Soup Kitchen

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Isaac’s Donates 537 Gallons Of Soup With “Get Soup! Give Soup!” Campaign!

Give-SoupWe’re half-way through our “Get Soup! Give Soup!” campaign and so far Isaac’s has donated 537 gallons of soup to those in need all over South Central Pennsylvania.  For every 100 cups of soup we sell during January and February, we’ll donate one gallon of soup to a local soup kitchen or shelter.

KSoup-Piceep track of how much soup we’re donating by visiting our “Get Soup! Give Soup!” section on our website!  And be sure to buy soup and help us help those in need!

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Some Isaac’s Locations To Open At Noon Today Due To Ice!

Due to the icy weather, some Isaac’s locations will be opening at Noon today, February 5th.  We do have many locations opening at their regular scheduled time of 10am.  They are: Rossmoyne Business Center in Mechanicsburg and Greenfield, Granite Run, Centerville and Downtown in the Lancaster area.  Strasburg in Lancaster County is also opening at it’s regular time of 10am.

Lititz and Hershey Isaac’s will both be opening at 10:45am and our Paxton Street, East York and Ephrata locations will be opening at 11am.  Wyomissing Isaac’s will be opening at 11:45am.

Silver Spring Isaac’s in Mechanicsburg will be open for Takeout at 11am and then their dining room will be open at Noon.

All other Isaac’s locations will open at Noon.

Check out our Facebook Page for postings on openings and other fun info.  And for a listing of all our locations click HERE.

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Isaac’s…Home of the ORIGINAL Pretzel Sandwich!

Twisted Chicken

The Twisted Chicken

For over a year now it seems that every time I turn on the TV, I see a new ad for some restaurant promoting their “NEW PRETZEL SANDWICH”…like it’s some kind of exciting discovery or something.  And while I may be a little non-plus over all the hoopla it’s only because Isaac’s has had pretzel sandwiches since the 90′s!  About 2 years ago I did some sleuthing and wrote a blog post about the history of Isaac’s Pretzel Sandwiches.  Here’s what I discovered…

My big sleuthing adventure began by digging through the Old Menu Archives (which could be a blog post all it’s own…or an Indiana Jones movie).  I found a menu from 1994 that did not have any pretzel sandwiches and then one from 1996 where they appeared company-wide.  My investigation got another break when my boss, Phil Wenger, and our menu queen, Jen Shivery, told me to talk with Doug Kaufmann, a former Isaac’s General Manager from our East York location at Meadowbrook Village.

Doug and Phil

Doug (L) & Phil (R) back in the day!

According to Doug, one day in 1994 Pat the Bread Guy (who used to deliver bread to Isaac’s, other vendors and to Central Market) had a left-over box of the famous big Philly-style soft pretzels that he gave to him rather than throwing them out!  So Doug got some ham, Swiss cheese and mustard and made the first Pretzel Sandwiches at Isaac’s and fed his employees!  They raved so much about the twisted concoction that he started ordering more of the pretzels and running them as specials.  The idea spread like wildfire through the company, which had around 12 locations by that time (1995) and everyone wanted to get twisted!

Smitties Brochure cover

Some of Smittie’s treats!

But there were some problems with the pretzels from Philadelphia…they didn’t have a great shelf life and they burned easily in our grills.  After a brief search we discovered Smittie’s Soft Pretzels, in York County no less, who had been making pretzels since 1934.  Even better, they had already developed a pretzel roll that they sold at their store and highway stands in York County.  Their rolls, made with a distinct stone hearth baked recipe, created the perfect combination for some of Isaac’s Famous Grilled Sandwiches.

After a few modifications and a brief trial period, Isaac’s Pretzel Sandwiches became a part of the flock officially in 1996 but others would argue with me that 1995 should be the year since we were running them as specials at all our locations.  Either way, the most important thing is that even after all this time, Isaac’s Pretzel Sandwiches continue to be a hit with every generation!  So what are you doing still reading this?  Go to your favorite Isaac’s and get one now!

The Mallard Sandwich

My most favorite pretzel sandwich of all!!

And that’s the latest scoop from JohnnyKat Roberts, Isaac’s Marketing Coordinator!

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Black Friday Weekend Doorbusters At Isaac’s!

Black Friday Weekend DoorbustersWhen you’re out and about looking for deals this Black Friday Weekend, make sure one of your stops is at your favorite Isaac’s location Friday 10am – Noon, Saturday 10am – Noon and Sunday 11am – 1pm!  Print out our Black Friday Weekend Doorbusters Flyer on our website to get each day’s coupon.

Friday’s deal (from 10am – Noon, with coupon) will be a Free pack of Snow Traxx or Flamingo Traxx candies with purchase of $25 or more (not including gift card or alcohol purchases).

Saturday’s deal (from 10am – Noon, with coupon) will be a your choice of getting a Filbert for only $5 or a bag of one of our wonderful coffee blends for only $4 with purchase of $25 or more (again, not including gift card or alcohol purchases).

Sunday’s deal (from 11am – 1pm) is awesome…each person dining with us will get a FREE Sandwich Card valid Dec. 2nd – 15th, 2013.

Supplies are limited and when we’re out, we’re out…make sure you get there early each day to get the deal!  For a list of all our Isaac’s locations check our website.Isaacs-Stuffers



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Isaac’s and United Way…A Perfect Partnership!

Isaac's Central Office accepting Circle of Honor AwardIsaac’s Famous Grilled Sandwiches recently received the “Circle of Honor” distinction from United Way of Lancaster County for our stellar annual Employee Campaign for the 2013 calendar year.  This award applauds organizations that truly support the mission of United Way.  Inclusion in the “Circle of Honor” recognizes Isaac’s quality workplace campaign, employee support of and participation in United Way activities, and other non-monetary contributions in addition to financial contributions.

Isaac's United Way Shirt DesignIsaac’s 2012 Workplace Campaign for the 2013 calendar year boasted a 99.6% employee participation rate (with only two employees declining participation!) which is a 2.62% increase from the previous year, and a $54,541 contribution.  Isaac’s annual campaign is run by its CRAVE task force (Community Relations and Volunteering Employees) whose mission is to connect employees to their local community in a meaningful way.

On a fun side note, Isaac’s sponsored a United Way billboard announcing to the community that we choose to “Live United” by supporting the mission of United Way.United Way Billboard

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“Take Your Kid To Work (and Isaac’s) Day!” Is April 25th!

Take Your Kid To Work (and Isaac's) Day!For the past 30 years, Isaac’s Grilled Sandwiches has been known to be the destination for not just a great business lunch, but a great place for kids, too!  So we decided that we wanted to do something this year to make Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day, on April 25th, extra special.  Each year this event inspires girls and boys by helping to bring them into the workplace to explore the many career choices they have.  That’s why we’re hoping to encourage parents in the South Central Pennsylvania area to take their daughters and sons with them to work by offering a special “Take Your Kid To Work (and Isaac’s) Day!” coupon on our website.

Take Your Kids To Isaac'sThe coupon will give a free kid’s meal, sandwich or large green salad with the purchase of a regularly-priced adult sandwich or large green salad and will be valid only on April 25th.  Taking a lunch break at Isaac’s will hopefully make the day even more memorable for kids and get them dreaming about their own grown-up careers!

Beutiful Little Business Woman With BriefcaseVisit the official website at to learn more about Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day.  To get the “Take Your Kid To Work (and Isaac’s) Day!” coupon, click HERE to go to Isaac’s website.   You’ll also find a link that will take you to the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Activities Center where there are ideas and activities to help you plan your day.




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That’s Not Just A Sandwich!

Gooney and PepperjackNext time you go to Isaac’s and order your favorite sandwich and cup of Pepperjack Tomato Soup (seriously…it goes with everything!), take a moment to see what I see because there’s more than meets the eye!  That’s not just an awesome grilled sandwich…it’s also a way for Isaac’s to provide affordable health insurance to the deli worker who just prepared your food!  And that hot delicious soup?  Well, think of it as helping your server get a reimbursement for their gym membership.  The list goes on and on.  When it comes to employee benefits, Isaac’s is truly ahead of the curve.

Phil WengerSince starting Isaac’s 29 years ago, taking care of his employees has always been one of Phil Wenger’s, Founder and President of Isaac’s, top priorities!  Recently he shared his thoughts on health care via an interview with Lancaster Newspaper and talked in detail about many of the benefits Isaac’s offers its employees.  Read the full article online at by clicking HERE.

Isaac’s health plan includes health, dental, and vision coverage as well as a prescription drug plan.  Employees who work 25-hours a week or more can participate in the health plan.  Other benefits include an employer-matched 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off and so much more.  And why does Isaac’s do all this?  Phil answers that perfectly in the article when he says, “Our Brand Promise says that our employees are our greatest asset, and they know it.  This is part of our DNA and who we are as a Company!”Employees


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Isaac’s Helps Out With Tailwagger’s Trot!

Isaac's CRAVE Committee LogoIsaac’s employees love to volunteer to help out with community projects soooo much that we formed a committee about 3 years ago called C.R.A.V.E. (Community Relationships And Volunteering Employees).  The committee is made up of a representative from each Isaac’s district and they meet on a regular basis to come up with ideas for employee volunteer projects and ways to help the communities around us.

CRAVE Group at TableOn a chilly Sunday back on October 14th, they recruited a group of 30 Isaac’s employees and family members to volunteer at Tailwagger’s Trot, at Clipper Stadium in Lancaster, benefiting the Humane League of Lancaster County.  They took care of running the entire registration center which included registering walkers and being t-shirt runners, line directors, wristband helpers, flyer distributors and parking lot attendants.

Isaac's CRAVE Group helping out!This was the 4th Year that Isaac’s employees have helped out with the Tailwagger’s Trot and it’s definitely one of our all-time favorite volunteer projects!  And it’s just one more example of our employees’ commitment to living out Isaac’s Brand Promise by being connected to our community!

CRAVE Group shot



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