Update on Greenfield Isaac’s Renovations!

Greenfield Isaac's BannerIt’s been 14 days since the Greenfield Isaac’s in Lancaster closed for renovations …extensive, I should add…and I can’t wait until it reopens on Thursday, March 29th!  I know a lot of Greenfield Isaac’s customers feel the same way, too, because of emails I’ve received, posts on Facebook and through my conversations with several whom I’ve seen at other Isaac’s locations!  But we’re finally on the home stretch…soon this banner will say “NOW OPEN!”Greenfield Isaac's Jesse

I thought it would be fun to give an update on how the work is progressing, so I stopped by this past Friday for a quick photo shoot.  Before I even got to the front door, I was greeted by Jesse, one of our assistant managers, out in the parking lot, handing out flyers and menus to anyone stopping by.  Greenfield Isaac's FoyerThen on into the foyer…nice color change!  Just wait until you see the graphics that will be going up on the window panels…you’ll quack up (yep, that’s a hint)!

Greenfield Isaac's BoothsOf course the inside of the restaurant is still in the throes of major renovations but if you’re a regular Greenfield customer, you’ll probably get a good idea from the pictures as to some of the major changes taking place:

•  A new an improved Takeout area with limited seating for customers picking up their food.

Greenfield Isaac's Back Room•  An additional dining room that will have an open-air feel to it.

• A better kitchen layout to improve our service to customers.Greenfield Isaac's Kitchen

Plus the artwork throughout the restaurant will be incredible.  We’re continuing with the same style we used when we renovated our locations in Lemoyne and Hershey and at our new location in Mount Joy.  So make plans to check out Greenfield Isaac’s new look after we reopen on Thursday, March 29th!

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Johnny Roberts, Marketing Coordinator for Isaac's, has been with the company for over 11 years, with most of that time spent in Marketing. He has worked in the restaurant industry since he was 16 and worked 8 years in a business-to-business advertising agency before coming to Isaac's...actually starting off at the Granite Run location as a tron before coming into Central Office to be in Marketing.
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