Isaac’s New Menu Pricing Notes

Isaac's New MenuDear Facebook Friends and Isaac’s Fans!

A new menu, with some minor price increases, will hit the rack at Isaac’s on Thursday, March 29.  Because you are our loyal friends, I decided to reach out and give you a heads up and explanation about why an average 2.9% price increase was necessary–the first price increase in over 18 months.

The decision to adjust some prices was a very challenging one.  Items like the cost of roast beef and cheddar cheese, the main ingredients of our most popular Mallard sandwich, have soared.  Employee wages and benefits have been strengthened, as we have focused on improving service with stronger, better trained employees.  Our community partnerships, while easy to eliminate, are still a critical part of our promise to the communities where we operate our restaurants.

In addition, we have upgraded many of our food items, including soup, with new and improved recipes, garnishes, and higher quality ingredients.  These upgrades are a taste you can see and feel when you visit Isaac’s.

Because of our commitment to you, we have continued to make exceptional deals and discounts to our Facebook friends and members of our Flamingo Fan Club, so those on a budget can still enjoy Isaac’s great food by using our coupon offers.

The big debate among my Leadership Team was whether we should be proactive and share this decision to tweak our pricing structure with you in advance and call attention to it in this blog.  The old school of thought would say, “Why would you point out to customers you’ve adjusted prices?”  But in 2012, with social media and with our loyal customers, I feel it is much wiser to communicate with our customers why we’ve needed to make this difficult decision.

I hope you appreciate the transparency and this communication, and I thank you, sincerely, for your understanding and for being some of our most loyal Isaac’s fans.

Phil Wenger, President

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3 Responses to Isaac’s New Menu Pricing Notes

  1. pamdinello says:

    $13 for a small salad with chicken and a small tomato soup…..way too expensive!!! Can’t do lunch here if those are the prices for one person. I could get a steak dinner for that price….sheesh

    • pamdinello says:

      …..didn’t even get dressing…..awesome. wonder if that cost more???

      • Johnny Roberts says:

        Hi, Pam!
        We do have a Small Green Salad and Cup of Soup Combo on the menu that you could add a chicken breast to. The combo is $7.69 plus the $2.75 grilled Chicken Breast. Also, the salads do come with a dressing…the selections are listed on the menu. If you were not asked what dressing you wanted, I apologize. The staff is to double-check that and make sure you are asked what dressing you would like. Hopefully, with knowing about the Combo option, we’ll see you in the future! Thank you for the feedback!

        Johnny Roberts
        Marketing Coordinator

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