Phil’s “Isaac’s Brand Promise” Tour!

Phil's photo at Downtown Isaac'sSince I’m not really a big fan of reality shows, I don’t know a lot about them…but one thing I know is that my boss, Phil Wenger, would have a hard time getting on the show, “Undercover Boss”, especially after his latest adventure.  Since March, Phil has visited with employees at all 20 Isaac’s for special roundtable-like meetings.  So he’s easily one of the most recognized people in our company!

Isaac's Brand PromiseAnd, while it isn’t the first time that he’s gone out to hold meetings with all of his teams, this last “tour” (I’m a music-holic and love to use terms like this), was a little different from previous ones because of its purpose…to introduce our newly-updated Strategic Plan to guide Isaac’s growth that his management team created with help from several store managers.  A pivotal role, in the success of this Strategic Plan, is our Brand Promise which is all about the three key ingredients: creating fanatical customers, engaged employees and connections to the communities we’re in.

Funny moment at Lititz Isaac's meetingSince Phil has always considered our employees the keepers of this Brand Promise, he decided to meet personally with all of our employees to explain the Plan and what we are promising our customers.  Like any meeting Phil has with people who work for him, it’s a time for him to get feedback…as well as socialize…which made each of the visits slightly different from the other.  So, while you may not see any t-shirts or posters promoting this last Phil Wenger Tour, it definitely was quite a success!

About Johnny Roberts

Johnny Roberts, Marketing Coordinator for Isaac's, has been with the company for over 11 years, with most of that time spent in Marketing. He has worked in the restaurant industry since he was 16 and worked 8 years in a business-to-business advertising agency before coming to Isaac's...actually starting off at the Granite Run location as a tron before coming into Central Office to be in Marketing.
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3 Responses to Phil’s “Isaac’s Brand Promise” Tour!

  1. jutta says:

    Dear management of
    I was today July 7, 2012 at your restaurant in Hershey pa. and I was very disappointed about the food. I Compared you on your pricing for your food and the taste and you suck in all aspects. “Hershey lodge, The Bears-Den, Houlihan’s, Hotel Hershey restaurants, Panera, Red Robin, Applebees, Friendly’s, Bob Evans, and even Subway” the service and the food at those peaces are more superior then the food at your place and also less expensive. I am very disappointed and i would not re-comment your place to any of my friends or colleagues. Your business Issac’s and also Cocco Diner sucks.
    Sincerely, jutta

    • Debra Miller says:

      Hi Jutta,

      I’m the Customer Happiness Coordinator at Isaac’s Famous Grilled Sandwiches. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. All customer comments are very valuable to us and I appreciate your candidness. I will reply to you, at your personal email, so please look for contact from me in just a bit. Thanks, again.

  2. jutta says:

    my comment does not need moderation your business does.

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