Greenfield Isaac’s New Fabulous Look!

The old Greenfield Isaac's locationGreenfield Isaac’s in Lancaster has been around since the early days of Isaac’s (it opened on May 1, 1987) but didjaknow that originally it was at a different location in the Greenfield Corporate Center?  It used to be on Charter Lane in the building where Life Management is now.  Here’s a photo I managed to dig up of how it used to look…check out the old wooden booths, Audubon print, black and white checkered border on the wall and red tablecloths!

2nd Location Greenfield Isaac's Takeout CounterIn 1992, Phil Wenger, my boss (and the Big Bird at Isaac’s, i.e. the president), decided it was time to move the restaurant to it’s current location in the Shoppes of Greenfield.  Besides some minor renovations, not much changed at Greenfield Isaac’s since then…same booths, same black and white checkered border, same takeout area manned by an awesome team (and I’m not just saying that because they give me all sorts of treats when I visit them!)…well that is until this past month when Greenfield Isaac’s closed for 17 days and underwent a huge renovation!

Greenfield Isaac's new takeout areaJust wait until you see the new look!!!  So many awesome changes have happened but probably my most favorite would have to be the new Takeout area.  You can land a jet there now…it used to get so crowded and crammed…not anymore!  It’s easy to swoop in and swoop out (like the bird analogy there?) and if you have some time to spare, there’s seating along the wall where you can take advantage of our WiFi and wolf your Takeout down at the same time.  I’m very familiar with this since I’ve done it twice since Greenfield Isaac’s reopened!

Greenfield Isaac's new facadeThen there’s the artwork, the new dining room addition, the neat fish tank area…I could go on and on…no, really I could…but how about I show you some pictures instead?  Click HERE and check out some pictures I shot earlier this week.  Even better…why not take your whole flock out for lunch or dinner (sorry, the Marketer in me had to come out sooner or later)!  And be sure to let us know what your favorite change is…post it on Isaac’s Facebook page!

About Johnny Roberts

Johnny Roberts, Marketing Coordinator for Isaac's, has been with the company for over 11 years, with most of that time spent in Marketing. He has worked in the restaurant industry since he was 16 and worked 8 years in a business-to-business advertising agency before coming to Isaac's...actually starting off at the Granite Run location as a tron before coming into Central Office to be in Marketing.
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